Protect Life

Pro-Life - One of the most important functions of government is to protect the lives of its citizens. This is true for all, but especially true for the tiniest, the most vulnerable, and those with no voice or ability to protect themselves. Alex is pro-life and will fight to ensure that all human life is protected, beginning at conception.

Healthcare - Missourians should be empowered to make the best decisions possible for themselves when it comes to their health. Government is too active in our citizens’ healthcare and government interventions often result in worse care at a higher price. Rather than intervene further in healthcare, government should reduce its role and allow the free market to do what it does best - foster innovation and competition. This ultimately results in better healthcare at a lower cost for Missouri’s citizens. Alex will support legislation that reduces government’s role in healthcare and promotes free market healthcare solutions.

Law Enforcement - Our brave law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect us, our families, and our communities every day. As crime rates continue to rise across our city, state, and nation, their work is more important now than ever. While no one is perfect, our law enforcement personnel deserve our support and appreciation for the work they do to protect us. Alex supports our state and local law enforcement officers in the life-saving work they do everyday and he will oppose any effort to defund the police.

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government."

-Thomas Jefferson

Defend Liberty

Religious liberty - One of the primary reasons our forefathers came to the United States was to escape oppression because of their religious beliefs. Our nation’s founders recognized religious freedom was so important, that this was the first right they listed in the Bill of Rights. Alex is a strong advocate for religious liberty and will fight to defend the right of Missourians to practice their faith free from government oppression.

Free Speech - The right to express oneself through speech is essential and government must not interfere with it. Too often in this era of oversensitivity and excessive political correctness, individuals with unpopular or opposing viewpoints are silenced. This is a dangerous and slippery slope. Everyone should have the opportunity for their voices to be heard - even those with unpopular opinions. Alex will always defend our right to speak freely and will oppose government attempts to silence people.

Right to Bear Arms - Protecting oneself and one’s family is a fundamental right. Many Missourians choose to own firearms for protection, for hunting, and for other sporting purposes. The right to do so is enshrined in both the United States and Missouri Constitutions. As a long-time member of the NRA and supporter of responsible firearm ownership, Alex will fight to protect and preserve our right to bear arms.

"Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker."

-John Adams

Foster Prosperity

Business Climate - As we work together to rebuild our state's economy following the effects of COVID-19 and work to reduce Missouri's and Springfield's high poverty rates, our government needs to unshackle Missouri’s job creators and establish a business climate which results in better economic conditions and higher paying jobs for Missouri’s citizens. History has shown that free market capitalism is the most successful economic system at reducing poverty and bringing about wide-spread prosperity. However, excessive government intervention, regulation, taxation, and licensing requirements burden our innovators and stifle economic growth. Alex will fight to reduce burdens on our state’s economy, defend free market capitalism, and push for policies that foster economic growth.

Education - Missouri needs a strong education system to ensure our state’s future leaders, workers, and citizens receive the tools they need to succeed. While government can play an important role in education, it must realize there is no “one size fits all” approach. Education policy is best made at the local level where parents, guardians, and the community have the most say in how children are educated. While a strong public school system is necessary and may be the best option for many students, it may not be the best option for all. For some, the best option may be home school, private school, or faith-based school. Parents and guardians, not government, should make the decision about which school option works best for their families. Alex will support legislation leaving education issues at the local level and allowing families to choose the best option for their children.

Tort Reform - Tort laws relate to lawsuits involving injuries to people or property. Some of these cases have merit, but too often Missouri’s tort system is abused. Our state has some of the most anti-business tort laws in the country and many of the states bordering Missouri have stronger tort laws protecting their businesses. Because of our anti-business tort law reputation, out of state attorneys and plaintiffs frequently flock to our state’s courthouses to sue our state’s job creators. This places a great burden on our businesses and limits our ability to create and attract new businesses. Alex will work to reform our tort laws to reduce frivolous lawsuits and burdens on our businesses.

Fiscal Responsibility - Missourians have to balance their household budgets and plan according to their incomes. In the same way, our state government must live within its means and balance its budget. If the state lacks money to pay for something, it needs to do the same thing Missouri’s families do - live without, or find a way to pay for it. Rather than going into debt or increasing taxes on Missourians, Alex believes in increasing revenue through economic growth and new jobs - not increasing the burden on our existing taxpayers. Alex will be a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.

Agriculture - Agriculture is an $88 billion dollar industry in Missouri and the state has the second highest number of farms in the United States. Though farming is critical to our state’s economy, government burdens our farming families with unnecessary and costly regulations. Our farmers live off of and rely on the land, so they are going to take care of it. They do not need government bureaucrats dictating how to operate their farms. Alex will advocate for fewer government regulations on agriculture to lighten the burden on Missouri’s farmers.

"Lasting economic recovery [has] to be built on the solid rock of the American free enterprise system."

-Ronald Reagan

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